What's the difference between the paid app "Dr. Panda Cafe" and the free app "Dr. Panda Cafe Freemium"?

Dr. Panda Cafe and Dr. Panda Cafe Freemium are two separate apps. Dr. Panda Cafe Freemium is free to download, and contains up to 5 recipes to make for your customers.

With additional unlocks via in-app purchase, Dr. Panda Cafe Freemium contains not only all the content in the paid app "Dr. Panda Cafe", but also 20 more food and drink items to make, more food decorations to use, and multiple cool themes to customize your Cafe with.

If you've previously purchased the paid app "Dr. Panda Cafe" you can download it by going to the app marketplace you had purchased it on, and then looking in your Purchased Apps for the app "Dr. Panda Cafe". 

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